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This is Magic!

All my clients ask 'what is CranioSacral therapy?'. I tell them that basically it allows your body a space to begin to let go and relax. Just because you can't necessarily describe the treatment, doesn't mean you can't 'feel' the changes. Read this delightful testimonial:

” I have been been receiving CST now for several months from Fritz who is a highly experienced therapist as well as kind, compassionate and caring individual. As a clinical doctor I was initially intrigued, a little sceptical but very open to exploring this alternative therapy to help with my physical and mental health. After only one session I was absolutely astounded with how I felt, the level of relaxation of my body that I have never felt before. I said to Fritz it’s Magic! The essence of the treatment is soft touch over several areas of the body, thus non invasive. The therapy is described as being akin to a counsellor listening to your words. Your body responds to this sensitive touch by beginning to listen to itself. I feel that the work that Fritz does is healing and doing something within which is incredibly therapeutic but difficult to describe. I would certainly recommend anyone who has ailments, physical or psychological to try out CST with Fritz, it may just surprise you and be the soothing therapy that you need”

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