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“Yvonne is one of the most highly trained and qualified myofascial therapists in the  UK, whose expertise and confidence provide relief for a wide variety of problems with pain and flexibility. On an ongoing basis her work helps keep one as supple as possible.  She has inspired me to self help with advising easy-to-do at home exercises which have kept me easily moving following a mishap that immobilised me in extreme pain. Yvonne's work had me  moving without pain within days.” 

Myofascial Massage & More with Yvonne

The light bulb moment in my training was the discovery of ‘Fascia’ - the so called ‘packing material ‘ that for years was thrown away in dissections but that recently has been rewarded its full acclaim as a whole body has been plastinated by a dedicated team to highlight how this tissue permeates every cell of our body to support, connect and communicate throughout: visit

Pioneers throughout the world continue their scientific research into Fascia highlighting the importance of this tissue in its many forms: visit


Repetitive movements, surgery, injuries, overloading as well as emotional holding can turn healthy, moist, gliding fascia into tight, matted tissue which can compress everything it surrounds causing pain, weakness and limitations in movement. 

Treatment, assessment and self-help tools:


We will have a phone consultation prior to your first appointment, a postural and movement assessment when I see you in person, discuss my suggested treatment and then it’s time for hands-on! 

As part of your first appointment I give you 2 massage balls; one to locate trigger points which the ball can help release and one for your foot to release 5 specific points.

Treatments are tailor made to your individual requirements but include:


  • Direct and indirect myofascial release techniques

  • Trigger point therapy

  • Hot & cold Stone therapy

  • Soft Tissue Release

  • ScarWork - a specialised treatment to help scar tissue, fibrosis, adhesions and changes in tissue health following surgery and radiotherapy

  • PNF - Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (similar to MET)

  • Amma therapy - working with acupressure points and meridian lines

  • Active Fascial Release

  • Fascial Fitness

  • Barefoot Training

  • Pregnancy Massage - I am fully qualified to treat women in all three trimesters

  • Oncology Massage - I trained at The Christie Hospital, Manchester, was part of the St. Mary’s Hospice Complementary Therapies team for 5 years and co-wrote and taught an Oncology Massage course with Sally Jeffery for manual therapists. 

  • Fascial Fitness and Barefoot Training can be given as individual sessions as well as classes. See section on Fascia in movement.

My qualifications include:


  • Aromatherapy Diploma, International Federation of Aromatherapists, Doreen Bennett

  • Reflexology Diploma, Institute of Advanced Reflexology, Clive O’Hara 

  • Complementary Therapies in Cancer Care Diploma, The Christie Hospital, Peter Mackereth

  • Hot Stone Fusion & Amma Fusion, Jing Institute of Advanced Massage Training

  • Simple Lymphatic Drainage, Kendal Lymphology Centre, Denise Hardy

  • BTEC 6 in Clinical & Sports Massage Training, Jing Institute of Advanced Massage Training

  • Pregnancy Massage, Jing Institute of Advanced Massage Training 

  • Advanced Myofascial Techniques, various courses, Advanced Trainings, Til Luchau

  • Active Fascial Release, James Earls 

  • Fascial Fitness Trainer course, Fascial Fitness, Daniela Meinl

  • Barefoot Training Specialist, level 1 & 2, EBFA Global, Dr Emily Splichal 

  • BARE (foot) workout, online, Dr Emily Splichal

I am a member of the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

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