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CranioSacral Therapist 

“Fritz is a wonderful therapist, kind, hugely knowledgeable and super supportive. CST has helped in many ways - but mainly my knees, they were causing me much discomfort, they’re almost back to normal now. Very grateful.”

From being young I loved to run, play out,  build dens and then attempt to take them apart by throwing missiles at them, usually with one of my friends hiding inside.  It was fun that I was learning to have.  Time then came to be a grown-up and I began my working life by drifting into a job that paid a good wage but meant that I was working with chemicals and other nasties. It was not the best job in the world but it still allowed me to develop the fun I loved by learning how to cave, climb and navigate my way round the wilderness with a compass and map.


Then a big life event gave me the encouragement I needed to change direction and nudged me onto a course that changed how I looked at life and how I felt about the work I did.


After time in Africa working for VSO, I returned to school, spending 5 very happy years in Edinburgh learning how to think and how to continue making the most of my free time by adding Scuba diving to the list of exciting adventurous pastimes that I enjoyed.  

From there I moved back to these parts and began a 22-year career in special educational needs teaching.  Those 22 years taught me a great deal about other people’s lives and how precious it was to fill my own time with fun.

During this time I met Yvonne who opened my eyes to the world of complementary therapy and it was with Yvonne’s encouragement that I eventually found my place in life as a CranioSacral practitioner.  It was my renaissance, a step into the world of therapy and finding a way I could help people change their lives gently, subtly but powerfully through giving CranioSacral treatments.

Studying for and gaining an advanced certificate in CST has deepened my understanding of the inner world of the person and how creating space within the body allows it to rest, relax and recover.


I still love to play, especially cycle, and have as much fun as possible but now I enjoy my role as a therapist. Working and playing are equally important to me with both bringing different but important rewards in my life, and of course, I share this love of life with Yvonne.

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Myofascial Massage Therapist 
‘dancing through life’

“During my treatments, I have found Yvonne to be very empathetic and client-focused. She has expansive and up to date knowledge which enables her to provide first-class appropriate therapy for her clients.”

Learning about ‘fascia’ felt like reliving my childhood: barefoot dancing and running, climbing trees, building shelters in the woods and camping out under the stars. Performing on stage too involved exploring my creative mind, body and voice. All this, and growing up in the beautiful Lake District, leading to a sense of my connection with the earth. 


After a first degree in modern languages (inspired by my half Italian heritage) I worked for 10 years in export sales. Attending Yoga classes during that time made me realise the restrictive impact that stress and too much sitting at work was having on my body and mind. I was tightening up and losing the exploratory, fun element to life. Training in Reiki and later Clinical Aromatherapy led to a complete change of direction as it became clear I wanted to explore the world of therapeutic touch. Clinical Reflexology followed and I began to work in a local hospice, studying for a Diploma in Complementary Therapies in Cancer Care at the Christie hospital in Manchester.


Working with people who had cancer and their families made me feel the importance of ‘living in the moment’ and I continued to add to my range of skills, including discovering and training in Healthy Steps, a fun exercise and movement programme to music which I still teach to a wonderful group of 50-90 year olds, holding zoom sessions during the Covid pandemic.


Eventually, I discovered the wonderful world of myofascial bodywork, training to degree level (BTEC 6) with the Jing Institute of Advanced Massage Training for whom I was a tutor for 5 years. This gave me the confidence and skills to assess and treat myofascial  pain, restrictions and movement limitation. Out of my fascination with the intriguing web of fascial movement, I walked a section of El Camino, in Northern Spain, with Til Luchau and his Advanced Myofascial Trainings team, learning ‘fasci’a’nating’ things about the body in movement. This inspired me to train in Fascial Fitness in 2016, as a Barefoot training specialist in 2018 and most recently create my own initiative: FunKi Fascia - ‘move to your groove’, to encourage people to explore creative, multi-directional movement and self expression to music. 

I continue to offer hands-on myofascial treatments, one to one fitness training and a range of classes. 

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