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Fascia in movement 

All the research is telling us to keep moving especially as we get older.  All movement involves your fascia as that is the interconnected web of tissue that weaves us together. With more specific focus we can train our fascia to maximise its health, elasticity, length and longevity. We can also learn to feel ourselves more through the 100 million sensory nerves held within its fabric.

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Fascial Fitness
1:1 assessment and lesson

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Created and continuously updated by lead researcher Robert Schleip and his wife Divo Müller, Fascial Fitness is now taught worldwide in partnership with the Fascia Training Academy.

Research has highlighted the four principles required to train our fascia: Bounce, Stretch, Release, Refine. I thoroughly recommend purchasing the latest edition of Robert Schleip’s book entitled Fascial Fitness which is very readable and gives clear instructions and photos of exercises. In a private session I assess your range of movement and then teach you individual movements to incorporate into daily life.

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Her fascial fitness classes are a delight: she is so generous with her knowledge of how  the body works and uses that knowledge to lead a fantastic group exercise.”  

Barefoot training
1:1 assessment and lesson


I trained with Dr Emily Splichal, founder of the Evidence Based Fitness Academy (EBFA Global) and Naboso technology, as a Barefoot Training Specialist which means I can assess your feet and most importantly your gait to help improve the mechanics of your feet, our ultimate foundation and connection to the ground. As with the foundation of a building, if it isn’t strong and stable it puts the rest of the structure under strain. Learn to love your feet, look after them and strengthen the deep connection from your feet to your pelvic floor. Visit and

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Fascial Fitness &Barefoot 

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“Yvonne is a very fine teacher. All classes are different, great choices of music, variations of exercises for all levels and abilities.  Everyone is welcomed and included. Yvonne shares her experience and knowledge readily and we are all better people for that. Fitter as well. She is well read and well informed so whatever she recommends is worth checking out. Please join us.”

I combine both Fascial Fitness and Barefoot balance training into one class as they complement each other well. 

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         FunKi Fascia
move to your groove

“Yvonne is a great advert for what she promotes plus a big caring personality. Having been incarcerated for so long, I was surprised at the sense of freedom I felt, basking in the group and being able to flit about with her again.”

“It was so good to be back doing FunKi Fascia with Yvonne who makes the sessions so enjoyable. I just let myself go with the music and leave feeling good.”

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FunKi Fascia combines the above with music and my lifelong love of dance. Alongside walking and running, dancing is such a natural movement. Every cell in our body has vibration, we all have our own rhythm even if you might think you don’t or are embarrassed to explore it. Moving and grooving to music explores your interoceptive (inner felt sense) instincts, the sensory side of your fascial body as well as your exteroceptive, spatial awareness. I suggest some moves which are based on the principles of Fascial Fitness to give some initial structure to your movement but encourage you to explore and express yourself, your own rhythm, and build your confidence to move without inhibitions, as we were born to. 


“A happy class with great music where you can bend, stretch, dance as much or as little as you like. No one minds, everyone enjoys.”

“FunKi Fascia - an hour of happiness, Yvonne is so full of enthusiasm and energy it makes  exercise a joyful experience” Tracey Mellor, Fascial Fitness Master Trainer  

moving you to better health with the Lebed Method

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“Healthy Steps classes on Zoom. They make the week for me as well as the exercise.  Lively and interesting music and such a good, enthusiastic, up-to-date, inventive and lively instructor/leader with good tips. Yvonne is a good as a tonic. ‘Shine the Light and You are Alive’. It's nice to see and speak to other participants.”

Healthy Steps is a fun exercise and movement programme to music originally designed by Sherry Lebed Davis and her two brothers (physicians/surgeons) to help women who had breast cancer but it is now also internationally recognised as a general wellness class. 

Movements can all be done seated or standing with some exceptions where being seated is part of the move. It is all done to fun music and includes stretching, balance, strengthening and dance routines. I have been running classes for over 11 years. The eldest participant is now 90 and some with Parkinsons, ME, MS and dementia enjoy taking part.   

Visit for more information.

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More exercises & dance routines on my
YouTube channel

Yvonne ‘FunKi Fascia’ Cervetti.

Pre-Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q+)

If you are new to these classes then please take a moment to read and complete this form prior to attending a class. If you have any concerns please call me.  

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