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“I find the CranioSacral treatments help my body to relax and let go of tensions from the week. They also feel like they are working on a deeper level, gently and patiently supporting the body/mind to process old traumas and dysfunctions.” 

CranioSacral Therapy & SomatoEmotional Release

What is CranioSacral Therapy?

CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle treatment that uses one of the natural body rhythms, the CranioSacral rhythm, to assess the overall condition of the body.  It can also be used to locate areas of stress, tension and strain. The therapist can then begin the process of gently relieving these areas by allowing the tissue and fascia to relax. This brings about a greater sense of balance and well being in the body.  The treatments are guided by the needs of the client and not by the will of the therapist, making it a client-led session from beginning to end.  


Some more questions to think about.........

What will I feel when I have a treatment?  

Everybody is different. Each one of us brings many different life experiences to the table and each treatment is shaped by those differences. Therefore how you feel afterwards varies for every client. 

Are there any similar feelings that everyone will experience?  

Calmness, a greater sense of relaxation and a space within which to reassess life.

I didn’t feel much, why not?

Unlike Yvonne’s massage which involves direct touch over Myofascial restrictions, a CranioSacral treatment involves gentle touch through clothes. The effects spread throughout the body making the overall experience subtle but hugely effective. The nature of deeply held traumas is that they are embedded in the tissues. It is much more effective to work with them in order to dissipate them rather than using a dominating force.

What conditions can benefit from having a treatment?
  • MS.

  • Polymyalgia

  • Asthma

  • Painful knees

  • PTSD

  • Long Covid

  • Migraine

  • Anxiety

  • TMJ disorders

  • Post dental work

  • Neck and shoulder pain

CranioSacral therapy is effective alongside ongoing treatments of the above conditions and many more as it aims to engage the parasympathetic nervous system. This is the ‘rest and digest’ phase after ‘fight or flight’ and acts to restore balance to the nervous system so calming the body and mind.

What are the benefits of having a CranioSacral treatment?

Apart from the alleviation of acute problems that recent traumas bring, it also attempts to allow the client to better understand the relationship between injury, trauma and the body and how the perception of this can have a negative effect on the health and well being of the person.

What is SomatoEmotional Release?

As some of the tension that our body can hold has an emotional content, SomatoEmotional Release (SER) can be used in conjunction with CranioSacral Therapy to facilitate the release. For more detailed information please read the article written by

John Page, founder of Upledger UK.

Visit for further information. 
I am a member of the CranioSacral Society

“Fritz is an absolutely wonderful CranioSacral practitioner! He is brilliantly friendly and puts one at ease right from the beginning. The passion he  has for his work comes through strongly as he explains what exactly it is  that CST is and does. The session itself is relaxing and feels fully secure.  As Fritz will tell you, it is your body which gives permission for the work to  be done, and from there Fritz does a fantastic job of listening to and  guiding the body through what healing and releasing it is open to  receiving at that time.” 

I had never had a CST/SER treatment before I saw Fritz so I was pretty apprehensive as to what would happen.Fritz's respectful, gentle, kind and empowering manner soon put me at ease.  He explained that I would be in the driving seat for the treatment, that there was nothing to fear and to trust that my body would know what to do.  Fritz was the facilitator and guide but it was my body's wisdom speaking to me helping to unwind, release and heal when it was in a safe space.

I was increasing my capacity to listen to and access the wisdom within. I decided to trust Fritz and give it a go. He was like a body whisperer, gently holding intuitively in just the right places, head, sacrum, hips, ribs, ankles, the magic starts to happen.

My 12 year old son has had two treatments with Fritz so far and what I noticed most after each was how he was less reactive and more thoughtful and able to measure his responses. He was also more noticeably hopeful in new situations rather than letting the fear of the unknown inform his decisions. His school teachers told me they too noticed a difference in his attitude, coinciding with the timing of his treatments - they weren't aware of him having them, so this was a really pleasing observation. He also jumped out of bed in the morning like he had a renewed energy and zest; not bad for a pre teen! I would recommend Fritz and these treatments to anyone; adult or child. Thank you! 

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