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The Therapy for the Therapist

Where do therapists go for their therapy? To other therapists; be it for a relaxing hot stone massage, a myofascial massage to restore tired muscles (myo) and surrounding connective tissue (fascia), dancing barefoot on a beautiful morning on the Frostrow fells with the stunning Howgills as a backdrop? Well for me as a CranioSacral Therapist who listens to the body, the way I therapise myself is to get back to a more natural world usually with a walk down by the river or a cycle ride in our beautiful Yorkshire country side. However last weekend my therapy was to join up with three muckers from the old days; meet up in Buckden and continue our adventure of walking the Dalesway listening to general chatter and good natured banter but also taking time to walk alone and listen to nature and be immersed in the story she is telling.

How does this help me? It gives me time to stop thinking about the next client, the times when I can see them, writing up the notes, doing accounts. It’s a break from the general routine of everyday life, something different, a pause in a long sentence that describes our day, week, month and so on. It’s not only an opportunity to reaffirm old friendship bonds but also to strengthen the bond that we all share with the natural world, being immersed in green, in living things and being aware of how so much flora and fauna share a common need to work with each other for a successful and sustainable existence. It’s also a chance to see how when the balance becomes lopsided things can become skewed, awkward and not quite right; a bit like when our bodies are out of balance, not working well, and need a bit of help. Even Therapists can experience a need to receive therapy.

Well, did it work for me? 30 miles later, hot sun beating down, red burned legs, aching muscles…… the feeling of achievement and looking forward to the next session of therapy; yes I’d say, the therapy was pretty successful.

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