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Paediatrics 1, a New Direction

I have always wanted to bring CranioSacral treatments to everyone.  I believe the benefits of having this gentle, but powerful, treatment repays the person on the table in many ways:

- Brings about a sense of calm,

- Helps restore a sense of balance,

- Can help correct obvious and hidden tensions held within bodily tissues

- Can enable people to look at past, and future, issues in a more informed manner.

There are many more.

Giving a treatment to an adult or teenager is what I have trained to do.  The older body is capable of accepting the treatment as the anatomy is more developed and robust but the anatomy of new born and the very young is different.  The treatment has to be even more gentle, but no less affective.  The techniques used to treat the very young are much the same as those used with an older generation, but they have been modified to take into account the still developing anatomy.  This adaptation enables the person to receive a personalised treatment aimed at calming, settling and balancing the body; it is a treatment aimed at bringing the optimum benefit for the body on the table; child or adult.

I recently attended a Paediatric course in Ireland that has given me the skills to work with children as young as 4; this will then help me develop more fully as a CranioSacral practitioner and bring me closer to my wish to bring treatments to people of all age groups.

In the world of CranioSacral Therapy there is always room to learn more, to become more sensitive to the needs of the body and to make the therapists treatment more effective 🙌🏽

✨🌟SUMMER OFFER (until end of August) - Just £25 per treatment for children age 4 up 💫

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