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So what is it saying?

It says many things:


How are you?

What are you doing here?

Who are you?

Can you help me?

How do I as a therapist listen to the story it wants to tell?  By making very gentle contact with it using my hands and taking the time to let them soften into the tissue; that’s when the listening begins.

It’s called palpation and there are many different forms and pressures of it. If you consider surgery as a hard active method then CranioSacral Therapy is the opposite, gentle and passive. Both have their place on the healing scale, both are effective in bringing a healing response but in different ways.

Back to listening hands. Your tissues want to tell the story of the body; where tension is held, where help needs to be directed, where the combined work of my hands and your body can help to bring about a greater sense of healing and balance to you. With your permission your body and my hands can help begin the relaxing, letting go, and readjusting that will restore a greater sense of understanding to your body and your life.

Do my hands talk back?

They listen and receive a set of instructions from your body; that way all they bring to the treatment is what your body needs and not what I think it may need, so they are not talkers.

Having a treatment is giving permission for your body to help you and itself.

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