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So where am I now with regard to the CST treatments that I give?

I have been treating my clients for the past three years with the techniques that I learned through the Upledger Training Programme.  Some of my clients have had one treatment and I am grateful to them for taking that first step as it has helped me to develop as a therapist. Many of my clients have returned, and keep returning, for further treatments as they feel that they have benefitted from giving their bodies permission to ‘let go’ so being able to experience a sense of softening, relaxation and loosening of physical and emotional tensions.

For many the idea of ‘letting go’ may seem a scary proposition; “What’s going to happen?”,  “Will I start to writhe around the table screaming and shouting as I remember the car being where it shouldn’t have been on that corner?” ; “Will I burst into tears because I remember when my rabbit died?”

These are valid questions because very few people wish to relive the unpleasant moments of their lives.  Some of my clients have indeed gone to those places as it has helped them to deepen their understanding of how their body responded to those circumstances; but speaking to them after a treatment they have reported that it was not an unpleasant experience because it allowed them to be able to face the world looking through a different, more informed, set of eyes.

Many other people have enjoyed the treatment as it was an hour that they gave to themselves, time in their busy day where they can ‘just do nowt’ for a while.

So do I have treatments myself with other CST therapists?  I believe that everyone benefits from the experience, especially a therapist because it is helpful to experience what my clients go through while they are on the couch and I enjoy being able to see things differently. So the answer to that is yes, I most definitely do.

So which direction am I going in with my treatments?  I’ve recently been treating young teenagers, learning how to adapt the techniques I use for adults to help younger bodies. As well as treating teenagers I’m about to attend a course in Gallway, Ireland,  that will enable me to treat babies and the very young who may have experienced a difficult birth. Everyone can feel the benefit of CST.

Here is what one mother reported recently after bringing her son for treatments;

“My 12 year old son has had two treatments with Fritz so far, and what I noticed most after each was how he was less reactive and more thoughtful and able to measure his responses. He was also more noticeably hopeful in new situations, rather than letting the fear of the unknown inform his decisions.

His school teachers told me they too noticed a difference in his attitude, coinciding with the timing of his treatments - they weren’t aware of him having them, so this was a really pleasing observation. He also jumped out of bed in the morning like he had a renewed energy and zest; not bad for a pre teen! I would recommend Fritz and these treatments to anyone; adult or child. Thank you.”

Being able to offer a treatment that benefits anyone is fulfilling, being able to chat with people about their desire to have a treatment and how they felt afterwards helps me to develop a much better understanding of the work I do and how it has helped my clients. Here is feedback from another client:

“It was a locked jaw that lead me to explore craniosacral therapy with Fritz - I wanted to explore an alternative approach as believe symptoms have an underlying root that I wanted to address. What has been interesting is the inter-connectedness of various “symptoms” in my body, initially focused on the jaw but which unfolded in other areas, both physical tensions as well as emotional. I had repeat appointments as, on a deeper level, I could sense things being held in my body were having space to move and shift. It’s tricky to describe but I trusted my body was letting go, bit by bit. I described it as being like layers of an onion being carefully unpeeled. Fritz holds such a safe and nurturing space for your body to feel totally rested and supported.”

I am a bit of a dinosaur.  I like the old way of being able to talk to a person or a voice rather than through the sterile medium of the internet.  If you are thinking of having a treatment, are curious, or have had a friend who has had a treatment, call me on 07817 665662 or our landline 015396 21303 and we’ll have a chat.


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