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Learning to Communicate with CranioSacral Therapy

Communication in anyrelationship is important. We learn to communicate with partners, friends, workmates, the general public, even our beloved pets; but the one relationship we seem to forget to communicate with is that between the body and the head.

How many times do we continue to do things that can lead to discomfort, even pain; gardening, DIY, sport, dare I say cycling (my passion). Our head tells us that we will suffer later but is appears that suffering has become a national pastime for many of us, but we go on despite the body saying ‘STOP’.

We ignore this heady advice for many reasons. We refuse to accept the limitations of older bodies, we don’t wish to seem weak in front of others. There are lots of reasons that we don’t allow ourselves to rest, relax and recover.

CranioSacral therapy is about understanding the relationship between the head (‘Cranio’) and the spinal cord down to the sacrum (Sacral). Having a CranioSacral treatment allows you to give an hour of your time to yourselves and begin the process of learning to establish better communications between your head and body. This will help restore a greater sense of vitality, health and well being and lead to a greater understanding of how physical and emotional traumas can have adverse effects on the body and mind.

Any physical and emotional benefits that result from a treatment result from the understanding between myself and the client; a good positive communication.

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