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Branching out & creating strength

The ethos of a CST treatment is that it is very individual; given in a comfortable room that begins the process of allowing the client to become more aware of themselves and how they can use this new found awareness to build a strong physical and emotional foundation.

Why the need for a strong foundation?

Buildings, trees, structures, even friendships are strong because of the strong foundations on which they are built; imagine you having a strong, or stronger, foundation and how that would make you feel, better able to face each day, better able to face any problems that arise, better able to deal with the many problems that this modern world is experiencing, better able to give to others without depleting yourself.

How will this foundation be built?

The first stone to be laid down will be by you, taking the small step through the treatment room door. This will lead to an increasing ability to be able to relax so the body can soften leading to a physical letting go of any held tensions within the body. As these tensions are steadily lost the body will be able to relax and soften. As this relaxation deepens more tension will be go. Positive change will encourage more positive change that will lead to better understanding of where you are now.

How will this help to build my foundation?

Letting go of tension allows the body to focus more on itself, where it is now, how it managed to get there and where it is heading. It will allow you to develop a better understanding of yourself, whether you are content to be where you are now, or wish to make positive changes to your life that will further enhance your foundation.

Who is the most important person in your life?

Try this answer. You. It isn’t selfish. If you are strong you can be strong for those loved ones around you and be stronger in yourself.

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