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A Warm Welcome From Fritz & Yvonne

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Yvonne and myself would like to welcome you to our new website and thank Mari Ryan of for creating it for us.

It is an opportunity to meet us ‘virtually’, read about what we can do to begin the process of healing and rebalancing a person's physical body.

It is also an opportunity to begin to understand how health can be influenced by a positive attitude to treatments by a therapist and how a better awareness of your own body will help to speed up and maintain this recovery regardless of age.

We offer several modes of therapy, each bringing a different approach that will help you choose the one which you feel will benefit you the most; but we, as therapists, can advise you by discussing what each treatment is and how having an individual programme that incorporates a multi-discipline approach may be the best possible way to help alleviate physical and emotional trauma.

Dalesway Therapies can also involve you in exercising for the sheer joy of moving; but at the same time training your body to maximise how it can move in a way that encourages health, vigour and vitality.

Call Yvonne or myself, Fritz to talk about what we offer that can help you.

015396 21303

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