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It’s a great name is Giggleswick, almost sounds like it could be a location for a TV adaptation of a Dickens novel, filled with characters called Horton and Ribbles, Dale, Stain and Forthfalls, but it’s also a location for a wonderful therapy room that has been offered to me for use by a fellow therapist, Shirley Ellison. Shirley’s area of expertise is the Alexander Technique, the treatment that aims to teach the efficient use of the body and to promote physical and mental wellbeing; a hugely beneficial treatment for those who receive it.

Whether the treatment you choose is CranioSacral with me, Fritz, or an Alexander Technique session with Shirley, at the heart of every good therapy is an equally good therapeutic treatment room. The Giggleswick Clinic, set in the stunning Yorkshire Dales, is a wonderful healing space set amid the calming and peaceful garden of Shirley’s house. It offers a nurturing environment within which the client can begin to relax; to let the neck be free so that the head can relax and soften letting the body lengthen and widen. It also allows the therapist to be part of that calming environment which leads to a more effective delivery of the treatment.

Working in Giggleswick allows those of you who live within that area to experience a CranioSacral Therapy treatment without having to drive through to Millthrop, Sedbergh. Over the past few months I have seen clients there and always feel excited to drive down the A65 to be able to take the treatment into the Dales. Would you like to experience a CranioSacral Therapy session with me or an Alexander Technique session with Shirley at the Giggleswick Therapy Clinic? Give us a call on the numbers below.

Contact Fritz on 07817665662 or Shirley on 01729 823078

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