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Working in the mouth.

When you had that accident, the impact to the front of your face, did you ever consider that after the bruising has gone and the cuts have healed there still may be some healing still be done. There is a good chance that the small bones in your face may have been broken or moved slightly out of alignment with the other bones in your face; they will heal in time but they may benefit from some help. Will this really make a difference? After all our bodies are magical things that keep going, despite the battering we give them.

The simple answer is yes. Your body allows you to keep going but what about the headaches you may be suffering, or your eyesight may not be what is was or you may just not feel yourself.

There is an effective treatment available that can help to put these bones back in to alignment with each other to alleviate some of the discomfort. It’s called CranioSacral Therapy. This treatment can be used for a whole body approach but can also be used to assess and treat the facial bones from inside the mouth by using the CranioSacral rhythm to evaluate and make the necessary adjustments to allow a rebalancing of the facial bones.

How is this done? Does it cause pain? Will it be uncomfortable? How far in the mouth does the treatment go? These are just a few of the questions that you may be thinking about.

There is no pain. As CranioSacral treatments need the body to be as relaxed as possible to make the treatment as effective as possible, the work is very gentle. The gloved finger uses the biting part of the top teeth and the roof of the mouth as a guide. You are always in control of the treatment and if any discomfort is experienced, the treatment will stop until you feel ready to continue.

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