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Having the ability to trust is a strong factor in building a strong, dependable relationship.

Trust in your family, trust in your partner, trust in you friends, especially when they are holding the rope you are tied to while climbing on Dow Crag, trust in your cycling mates that at least one of them will wait for you as you sort our a puncture on a cold, wet night on top of the Coal Road. Knowing that you can rely on someone makes relationships stronger.

When a person decides to come for a treatment there is an initial level of trust. Trust that the therapist can help and trust that the therapist won’t make things any worse. When you come for a CranioSacral treatment its a big leap into the unknown; you’ve heard a friend talking about it and that it seems to bring about a good change, but you’re still not too sure what it is.

Its up to me, as the therapist, to put aside your fears and explain how just as you wouldn’t let your phone run out of battery, don’t let yourself run out and that a CranioSacral treatment is the start of recharging your internal battery.

One treatment can be extremely useful to bring about a sense of calm and well being and initiates the process of helping the body heal itself. One treatment is very effective but like any relationship the more time that the two spend together, the greater the degree of trust that is developed. How can this be beneficial for a client? When a person trusts the therapist, they will relax, the central nervous system will calm and the body will let go of more tension and more trauma. The overall effect of this is to enhance the self healing process.

A relationship without trust is a hard one to maintain; a relationship based on deepening trust is a natural, safe and productive one.

“What we do is take away obstacles, like removing stones from the road.

John Upledger, founder of CranioSacral Therapy.

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