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Therapists need therapy too

As therapists we value time away from the couch as it allows us to re focus on ourselves. Why is this important when we are therapists? We say to our clients that their time in the treatment room is theirs where no-one else can have an influence on the treatment. It is the space where being selfish is a positive thing as it is beneficial for the process of rebalance and healing to begin as many of our clients give their time freely to family, friends and various projects; it is a space that belongs to the client alone.

As therapists we share that space so that we can help people let go of any physical and emotional tensions that the body holds, to allow ‘space’ for the body to resume a natural, balanced function.

When Yvonne and I take to the outdoors, the hills, the river or a cycle we are giving ‘space’ back to ourselves. It is a way that we can re-establish the healing space around and within ourselves. Individually we mull over the time we have spent with our respective clients thinking of ways that can make treatments more effective and personal for our clients. We cannot talk about our clients or discuss individual treatments with each other as we are bound by confidentiality; but within the larger space of the outdoors we can create our own private space as we walk side by side in mutual and comfortable silence where we can think, recharge and enjoy the surroundings.

As therapists we seek therapy, either from each other, or other therapists as this allows us to understand the nature of what we do more effectively. Part of that therapy is to put ourselves into a space that we love where we can begin and continue the process of letting go and relaxing.

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