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Everyone has got lots of “stuff”. Big stuff, little stuff, stuff that fits in-between big and little. We have also got lots of places and spaces where we put this stuff; in the wardrobe, in a drawer, on work surfaces. Drawers are the best place to put stuff, so much that sometimes the drawer struggles to function as a drawer either because it’s too full and won’t open or close, or something within the drawer has stuck up and won’t go down. Stuff can also be put in sheds, on shelves in boxes or hanging from any convenient screw or nail.

Every so often all the clutter needs to be sorted, arranged and re arranged in order for the better working of either the drawer, wardrobe or shed. Some remove all of it, some reorganise it while it’s still in the drawer, wardrobe or shed; either way doesn’t matter. What matters is that it has been sorted, some of it cleared out, some of it remains but put back in an organised way.

Everyone carries stuff and clutter in their bodies and heads. Sometimes it helps to have a look at it to decide what needs to be kept and what needs to be dealt with. A life living with this stuff and clutter is comfortable, but clearing out and having a re organisation can create more space and a better clarity within.

CST is one way to help begin this re organisation.

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