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Should I go for a CranioSacral treatment?

It’s a question that people will ask themselves, it may even be a question that a friend would ask someone who is considering having a treatment. So, should you come and experience CranioSacral therapy?

If you are thinking about it then the answer is undoubtedly yes. It is the right time for you to experience it to see how you can benefit.

You may have had a recent fall or bump or you may have had a long standing injury that is taking a long time to ease. Having a treatment can help the body loosen which will begin the process of letting go of the pain that is being held by tension within the body. It is also a useful tool to ease the stresses, worries and anxiety that people are feeling given the recent global pandemic (despite the recent lifting of restrictions), the current situation in the Ukraine, the worry that accompanies the change in climate or the ever present difficulties of life.

To come and have a Craniosacral treatment is to say to yourself, and to your body: “Its time to get a little help to try to get back the natural balance that helps me deal with life in a more positive and beneficial way”. You are laying the foundation that will begin the process of bridging the gap between injury and health.

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