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Kate Bush - a CST Visionary

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

A short one this, but as I was driving home from Aldi today I put on Kate Bush, a wonderfully talented singer songwriter, dancer etc. The song was Moving from her first Album, The Kick Inside. As I listened to it I was immediately back in my bedroom in 1978 with earphones that resembled bean cans clamped to my head such is the power of music.

The lyrics that slapped me in the face were:

“Yes, you are just as water

You flow around all that

Comes in your way.”

I thought that this sentiment represented the work that Yvonne and myself do and the aim of the treatments that we give to our clients.

We are both helping to let the body move better with a greater sense and feeling of fluidity allowing a person to meet or deal with the problems that life brings in a positive way. By encouraging to body to recognise and accept trauma, this can help to encourage a Moving forward instead of being stuck in repeating patterns of pain, anxiety of weariness.

I always loved Kate Bush. Even 45 years later her words are still helping me to gain a new understanding of how Dalesway Therapies can help people.

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