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Dance like no-one is watching!

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

If you have ever just ‘let yourself go’ to music, you know what it feels like to allow that self expression to take over, to let your body do the talking and dance as if no one is watching.

Throughout history and in every corner of the world, people have expressed themselves, conveyed emotions, even told stories, either on their own or connecting with others through dance, allowing their bodies to be the instrument that is interpreting the music.

When I hear music I am moved to express it through dance, through the whole of my fascial being. It is a greater expression of myself than I could ever achieve in words alone.

Fascia is beginning to be understood as our biggest sensory organ, the connective tissue that weaves us together and houses over a 100 million sensory receptors. These receptors respond to varying stimuli of which vibration is key. It is no wonder that when we start moving to music, rhythms and vibrations, we engage our whole sensory being.

In my FunKi Fascia sessions it has been such a pleasure to watch people emerge from reserved shyness to become confident movers and groovers of self expression. It’s not about copying others but, rather, allowing your body to find its own language of expression.

I invite you to give it a go - put your favourite music on or just switch the radio on and see what it brings and then allow yourself to become fully absorbed in every note of the music and every cell of your body. You can also explore the natural music outdoors: wind, rain, rivers, sea, birdsong and allow yourself to move to nature's song.

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