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Welcome to Dalesway Therapies 


Welcome to Dalesway Therapies, named because the Dales Way long distance footpath passes in front of our home clinic. 


We began our business partnership in 2019 as a way of complementing Yvonne’s well established myofascial massage and movement practice with Craniosacral Therapy, in which Fritz has recently become fully qualified. 


We both provide effective treatments that can help a wide range of conditions from stiff necks and sore backs to stroke and PTSD rehabilitation and many more.


By combining our range of experience and skills we aim to offer an opportunity for our clients to achieve a sense of calm, healing and wellbeing. Our different therapies can help to reduce pain, relieve myofascial restrictions and improve movement.


Our love of nature and each other brought us together as a couple. 

Our sense of both the fragility and resilience of the human body and a desire to help others sealed our professional partnership.  Let us help you discover a greater bodily awareness and balance that supports you through the ups and downs of life. 

“Their treatments and expertise are complementary: they are Yin and Yang. As a massage therapist, Yvonne has helped me with longstanding tension and more recent neck pain  (due to too much work-related zooming during the lockdown). A massage with Yvonne is both regenerating and relaxing! Fritz's CranioSacral treatments have likewise helped with  the deepest and most difficult-to-release tension held by the body. A treatment with Fritz is characterized by co-operation and respect. He 'listens to what the body requires to be  freer and more mobile and has worked with me so that I can tune into that conversation as  well.”  

Our Approach

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We humans are marvellous beings, born with amazing sensory awareness, perception, hugely adaptable and creative movement and with abilities designed to let us live in harmony with the natural world. So often, the modern world takes us far away from our inherent nature: our homes are filled with artificial light, electric currents; we sit on chairs rather than squatting; we dampen the connection with the ground through shoes, concrete and tarmac; we sit hunched over desks and can become bombarded with stresses and strains in our busy lives.


The extraordinary tissue in our bodies called fascia is the fabric that weaves us together. It is bathed in a watery gel which helps our muscles, organs, bones & circulatory vessels glide and interact smoothly whilst giving us huge strength and the elasticity to leap, throw, run and move multi-directionally as well as sense our environment both internally and externally.  However, the demands of everyday modern life can often restrict the fascia in many ways. 


Whether through hands-on natural touch, movement or both we want to help create space within your body to allow it to rest, relax and restore itself. 

“After every session with either Fritz and Yvonne, I feel freer in my body in some respect.  Most importantly for me, they are both immensely kind human beings who make their  clients feel cared for.” 

Venues For Treatments 
Stonerigg, Millthrop
Sedbergh LA10 5SJ 

If coming by car do not follow your SatNav which will instruct you to turn right before Millthrop bridge. Instead, go over the bridge, park in the lay-by if possible, then take the first left turn up and Stonerigg is the 4th house on the left. 

Sedbergh Medical Centre, Station road, Sedbergh LA10 5DL

The Health Barn, Askham 
Penrith CA10 2PG

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