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Removing clenched fists

Hold your hand in front of you. Make a fist. Keep it like that for as long as you can. Your hand becomes uncomfortable and your arm begins to hurt. Unclench your fist. It feels strange, like it doesn’t belong to you.

This is what happens when your muscles and fascia (myofascia) hold onto trauma from both physical and emotional knocks, bangs and repetitive strain from previous injuries; ever played sports? These “clenched fists” inside your myofascial net create restrictions which can impact on other areas and eventually the whole body. It worth noting that fascia (your main connective tissue) not only surrounds your muscles but also your bones, nerves, organs, blood vessels, your spinal cord and brain.

It is important to loosen and eventually remove this tightness to allow the body to function in a smoother, less painful way. When you come for a CranioSacral treatment, you allow yourself the time to begin the loosening of the ‘clenched fist’ within, which in turn will relieve the pressure throughout the body.

Have you been carrying a niggle for a long time, one that persists despite many attempts to shift it? CranioSacral Therapy is an effective way of removing this niggle by first encouraging the body to relax so the unwinding can begin.

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